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I'm working on a blurb sheet for a Samhain book coming out in October and boy, do I suck at blurb sheets.

Quick, fun, tagline about a title? Nope, can't manage that.

How about a longer blurb to capture a reader? Ummmm. Well see, remember the mariel boat lift ? yeah, I only sort of do. But they were shoved out of their homes and prisons and. . .. How about if they're only half-people, but wait, they're of course the same species...Hey, why're you walking away?

I think the hardest question, the one that I'm currently avoiding (by messing around here):

List some titles that are similar in nature to this book. . . . . Not exactly the same, but lets the bookseller recommend this book to a reader who likes the type.

I bet I'm not the only writer who goes slack-jawed whuh duh? on this one.
I don't want to imitate other people so if I do, it's an accident. I'd be the last to see the resemblance.

Actually, it's not just a matter of being too close to my own stuff. I don't always see resemblance between other people's books--except once it's pointed out, I guess, usually.

For instance Lori Avocato's mysteries are similar to Janet Evanovich (and she's even said that's intentional) but I didn't get that at first even though I've read both of their books.

Victoria Thompson, yah, Anne Perry. I could see that but that might be because the words "Anne Perry Fans Rejoice!" on the cover. (BTW, at this point, I think I like Thompson better because there's less repetition)

Bianca D'Arc is Anne McCafferty-esque, only with sex. Someone else pointed that out, of course.
Are we clear on this? I read about a book a day yet I'd suck at being a bookseller giving out recommendations.

So anyone know of a book about space aliens who're taking over the earth again...and using sex/breeding to do it? (despite the obvious sexx angle, this Summer Devon title probably won't be rated wildly erotic. Poor Summer is losing her sexxiness. She's gotta get that mojo)

No, Mars Needs Women isn't going to work as a suggestion. Pity. (I do mention it in the book)


  1. Warren Rochelle's The Wild Boy has aliens who invade earth to try to breed humans as a substitute for their homeworld dogs, all of which die in a plague.

    Probably not a good comparison, though. :)

  2. oooOOOOooo Maybe not for comparison but definitely for a TBR list.

    See that's a single intriguing line about a book that makes me want to find out more.


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