HMD to Me

I'm upstairs waiting for breakfast in bed on this, a High Holy Day. I can hear that brekkies involves something with an egg-beater, so I think it'll be standard Sunday pancakes.

Unfortunately the radio alarm went off at 6:30--about an hour after Mike got up. A guy was telling us all about the scary things those crazy Muslims do. Not just the silly extremists calling themselves Muslim...According to that guy, whoever the hell he was, the whole religion was cock-eyed wacky.

I lay here coming up with strange Christian practices I'd lob back if I could. And then I remembered: I could turn off the radio. Yay! Happy Mother's Day to me.

Mmm I think I smell bacon. Mike's standard pancakes plus bacon sounds pretty damned good, but, speaking of strict religious practices, I wonder if it counts as an Official Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed if the kids don't prepare it.


  1. aaw - loved it - this post and the one after it :)

    Happy Mother's Day, my friend.


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