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Walking Score your house. It's a cool site.
Aya's old house rated 94! (she's down to 74 now). We're a pathetic 62. Doug--and anyone else thinking of moving to a new area--might want to plug this sucker in.

And now....go down two entries and read WHY you should say something on this blog, at least until Tuesday. You could win a book.


  1. Wow. I put my address in, expecting a 'does not compute' kind of result, since we're in the middle of nowhere down under, and house numbers in rural areas are not like they are in towns. But it found us. Our block and all.

    Not surprisingly, our walk score is a big fat zero. This is what happens when you live 22km from town. (But I did find it interesting that the little general store in the tiny community about 25km the other way is an item on the map. Sheesh, with all this mapping software you can find anything, anywhere these days. I know my geek DH has mapped our town for one of the online sites, but I don't think he's responsible for mapping the tiny community!)

  2. Yup, it found us, too, and gave us a three! A THREE for oceanfront. I like to claim my place is a s**thole, (oh, wait, this is Kate's blog) a shithole, but a three?

    I'm guessing this'll work better for the big city communities . . .

    thanks, Kate!

  3. Felicia1:43 PM

    Wow, same here living in hinterland Louisiana, but we at least got an 11, there is a Wal-Mart in walking distace. The problem is, that we have already about 90 F since the beginning of May. I don't mind walking when it's cool, but not in heat and high humidity.

  4. 65 but i thought it was pretty good since I can't drive and mostly walk. But sheesh it put Club Martinque down as a bar...yah if you want to DIE

  5. Huh. Gives me an 11, which is very strange since the husband can bike to work, and the kids can walk to school, and we all enjoy the walking paths that go in all directions around us.

  6. My house got a 69. I'm not sure what I was expecting, higher or lower, since I live in a residential neighborhood within city limits.

  7. Cool, we got a 98. Course, we walk everywhere anyway.

  8. Hm. It says it supports Canuckland addresses, but I got an error message when I tried mine.

    Apparently, I don't exist.

    I haven't quite decided whether that's a good thing or a bad thing... :D


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