I like Alan and I like his video but golly, I'm tired of hearing it when I get to my page. Maybe I'll just write a lot of stuff to bounce it off the front page.

Too bad I have nothing to say and actually realize that for a change.

Oh but when did Hartford turn into a version of Seattle? We've got all the rain without the harbor and fun, lively culture.

Speaking of High Culture. we saw Iron Man. Robert D Jr. was as good as everyone's saying, only better. The cheesy over-the-top character is only bearable because he plays it. In fact the guy is FUN because of RDJr. Also Jeff Bridges was totally unrecognizable and fantastic until he had to get all cartooony voiced. Meh.

And why is it the whole "I hate teh violence! I've learned my lesson! no more blasting!" characters have just learned to go blast in a different way? Blast, kill, boom! Only yay, this time.

Gwynneth Paltrow was good and she should get extra kudos for running in those fuck-me-pumps she wore throughout the movie. Yikes, those were tall.


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