Iron Man 2

and yes, if you stay through the credits, there's a glimpse of a tiny scene at the end. Oh, boy waiting for a teaser for a movie that's not made yet. Coming soon.....

How many movies based on comic books will we have in the next year? Seven? Eight? Do movies based on graphic novels count?

But to get to the tiny scene and the glimpse of Samuel Jackson, you wait and way and the credits do go on and on and on. There's 45 minutes of my life I'll never have back, although I wouldn't have seen the name "Cricket Sloat" otherwise. And I wouldn't have had the chance to threaten my kids. (If there's nothing at the end of this, other than the words "the end," you'll owe me)


  1. Those 45 seconds of Samuel L. were pure geek heaven. Totally worth sitting through the credits (though the minute-long three-column scroll of SFX animators was pretty impressive in its own right).


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