Just Stop It. Or Start It. Or Something

I answered the phone and once again I had interrupt the flow so I could wedge in that damn question....The necessary one, Required for the conversation to make sense.

"who the fuck is this?"

leaving out the the fuck because I'm a polite biddy.

You people with caller ID are getting into the habit of just talking and out of the habit of saying "hello this is _________." I don't know who the hell you are. Especially before 9 am.


  1. Come over to my place and break a new stone with me.

  2. LOL - I have to have at least one coffee before answering the phone, and I am terrible about recognizing voices.

  3. Umm yah. I have never introduced myself. I have heeedious phone manners, and probably regular ones too but I'm not copping to them, at least not in this comment box today at this moment in the space time continuam


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