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The sad thing is I had the time, just not the inclination to blog. Because ummmmmmmmm
I think it's the assemblies, the award ceremonies and the concerts. Especially that last. This is the endless concert time of year... Four big ones that go on for hours and hours and hours. Seriously, the one tonight will start at 7 and go past ten. Tomorrow night, 6:30-9:30. And they will feature violins.

I like the little concerts and the plays. But the big ones mid-year and end-year that feature every group in a very large school or even the whole school system and that has tout ensemble playing the national anthem and God Bless America at least twice. ....

Oh. Shit, No. I go all blank and hazy when we sit in those badly designed, hot and overcrowded auditoriums. And one by one, the music teachers tell us how special our kids are and how wonderful we are to give our kids the gift of music in this very special school system and now can I just get a round of applause for someone who makes this all possible. . .

. . . and to ward off panic, and stop myself from gnawing off my leg, I will mess with my fancy watch to time the speeches to see if they will beat last year's record of almost ten minutes of introductory talking. I expect we'll get a longer talk tomorrow because a couple of people are retiring this year and that means we have to do at least three standing ovations.

I'll miss both of those teachers but that doesn't count in the mothering stakes. I'm in last place there because I'm missing an important Proud Mother Response that'll override Concert Dread. I imagine it's one of those things you can develop with a little work--as in volunteer work so you see how much effort goes into the concert. Not going to happen, never, ever.

Instead I'll have to prove my love by buying a computer for the graduating boy. Shhhh. Don't tell him. The other two can wait a few years to find out that I care.

So Donica won Unbound! (Thanks Lori! Thanks Donica!)


  1. Anonymous11:40 PM

    hey in case I forget to call and tell you- we'll be seeing you - sometime Friday - middle of the day - before boy 2 comes home - you could make it a surprise. It'll surprise me if you tell me you're going out of town - because I forgot to tell you we were coming and you made other plans.


  2. I'm pre-coffee so it took a minute or two to figure out who the HELLL you are, LR. Luckily we don't know anyone else showing up so I got it. Evenutally. but it's okay to use initials or something. Or hints like ummmm "we're going to NY anyway (urg, I hate NY)"

    Are you going to NY anyway?

    We're not going out of town, but Friday Evening is fencing night for B2 and it's tough for him to get out of it. They call him when he doesn't show up. But we'll figure out something. Watching fencing=funny, impressive, confusing then boring after a few minutes.

  3. Oh, ouch. Thank goodness we haven't had anything like that. The band concert last week was just the middle school band, and they only sucked on a couple of songs, and they actually, surprisingly, rocked on Smoke on the Water. I was so impressed. :-)

    Our two graduates (one from high school, one from college) are getting computers this summer, too. And the teenager gets all new bedroom furniture because the army won't ship his home. And a car because there's no way he's driving my Mustang convertible. And I suppose his sister will need something pricey too, to be fair.


  4. A car, bedroom furniture and a computer. Make that two cars and two computers. Wow! Can you be my mommy too? Or no, wait. I think I'll just be shipping my kids over in a few weeks. Just in time for summer vacation.

    Think of it this way? You owe me now, big time, because I have Smoke on the Water stuck in my head. It's a major earworm.


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