snivel redux


I don't usually interpret silence**, but for some reason, I wanna know what it means that no one's left messages under the pictures of me and the dog. I was expecting something along the lines of . . .
"Kate, what's with the bags under the eyes? Get some rest, woman."

"Dude, have you considered getting a manicure, and get one of those workout hand thingies guys use in B movies to look tough?"

"Where's your dog's face?"

In other news, I got a great present for the kids but I won't say what it is because they might still check this blog.

And Samhain is having a sale until December 24. You can buy ebooks at ummm [runs over to check] fifteen percent off the regular price!

No reviews of my latest book yet. No notes to Summer about how it isn't up to the standards of [previous title] or how it could have used [interesting plot twist]. Usually by now I have a couple of nice and/or peculiar emails.

My first theory: it wasn't bad enough to snark about or good enough to rave over.

My next theory: No one's bought it.

The theory after that: People love me but hate the book so much they can't comment because it might hurt my feelings. (That one makes me laugh. I like it.)

My latest theory: that I've been cut off from the internet and haven't noticed yet. Someone out there--I'd guess my husband--is taking bets about how long it will be before I notice.

The least paranoid, most boring theory: The ebook world is so full of releases that no one has time to read even a quarter of them, even from Well-Established, Respected and Beloved Authors such as Summer Devon.

**update. who the fuck do I think I'm kidding? Of course I interpret silence. Hell, I interpret the dog's silence. Admit it, you interpret a lack of any response too-- when we notice it, that is. Otherwise the passive aggressives of the world would just give up, right?


  1. For me, Bloglines has meant I've cut down on commenting--when I can read everything on one page, but i have to click through to comment? I am tres lazy.

    But I still read each and every one of your posts, woman.

  2. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Me, too. You know I lurves you, Kate! :-D

  3. I adore you. No one is commenting anywhere because the holidays have everyone freaked the hell out. I have done zero shopping. Zero. I was handed a project Monday. the task is to scrap a web app that took two programmers a year to write because it doesn't work and rewrite it in two weeks by myself. I am posting now instead of working because I am waiting for a co-worker to leave so I can work in peace.

    My least favorite number is 1 and I am not overly fond of orange for some weird reason.


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