enough with the dream gunk

this is post 666! mwhahahaha. Appropriate number because the adults in this house caved to the dark side this year.

After years of resistance, we surrendered. . .

We bought a gaming console--a Wii for the offspring. (yo, I've only played that one game.)

Boy two, on my left, tallest offspring points out that boy one (on far right) only looks taller because he's standing on one of those mini-trampoline things.

To continue our tour of this photo, if you look at the tree, you'll see the duct tape of decor (grey circle) and the 1983 bagel. I'm wearing my father's Christmas vest. He got it from a friend and hated it and gave it to me. Or I stole it? I can't remember. It's the cheesiest, happiest vest ever with real shiny pearly things sewn onto it for snow flakes.

Also for the first time in recorded history, the boys and I made a gingerbread house that did not fall down. I get kits and the goddamn houses never stand up for more than a few seconds. This Trader Joe's kit not only remained upright, it'll never fall down, even though it's tilting far forward, the roof is sliding down and we posed grandma looking up at the leaning tower in fear. You can't see it but she even has a chocolate chip next to her to signify her shitting herself in fear. Oh, those wacky boys.

Added bonus: The house is even uglier in the flesh, what with white icing fingerprints all over the thing (and the table and the counter and . . .)

A grand Christmas all around.


  1. Sorry I haven't been around, Kate. I'm glad you & your family had a good holiday. Thank God it's over.

  2. Glad to hear you and your family had a merry Christmas. I'm also one of those few people under 35 who has never owned a gaming console in her life.

    I made a gingerbread house in fifth grade and it was terrible. The only nice bit about it were the wooden Hansel & Gretel plus wicked witch & black cat figures, and those were bought in a store.

    I never made another gingerbread house after that, though I am a bit annoyed that I lost those nice Hansel & Gretel figures somewhere along the way.

  3. I want to know the story of your tree. All the wacky ornaments. Bagels? Duct tape? Glowing lobster? C'mon, give!


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