ho ho ho SBD cartoon edition and dreams

Boy3 and I are lying around in bed watching our cartoons and thank goodness Dexter is coming on because we've seen two treacly and absolutely Bizarre Christmas cartoon short movies in a row. These shows are kind of like the two singing Christmas trees my good friend L has given me (and I've lent back to her). They were designed by space aliens who've been exposed to years of Christmas from afar and think they know the props and characters but not really. And omigod, these shows that feature dogs and bad guys and elves are musicals, too.

No, I'm sorry. Mr. Magoo as Scrooge is totally wierd.

Back to Dexter vs. Santa Claus. And yes, it is even farther removed. It's written by space aliens who only watched the space aliens' productions. But that's what we like about Dexter. He's shaving Santa! And there's Dad! And we learned that Christmas is all about The Presents. Now that's a space alien production that works.

And now Jimmy Neutron is saving Christmas with Santa who I think is voiced by Mel Brooks. They're talking Quantum Physics. And Santa gives Jimmy a cooled dwarf star. Oh crap. They're singing now. One of those full cast ensemble things.

Maybe boy3 will switch back to the baboon butt cartoon that is also apparently about Christmas. I'm going to go find coffee and recover from life at this time of year. Panic attacks are me.

I wonder why a 9 year old would have three nightmares just before Christmas. Here're his descriptions:
1. everyone died in a train crash 2. someone dumped gasoline all over every member of the family and held a box of matches and 3. We went to MacDonalds

I dreamed that I got a snake for a pet and it got way, way huge. I couldn't hide it when I went to school every day. Heh.


  1. McDonalds as a nightmare! LOL!!!!!

    Congrats on the nomination hon!

  2. actually it's kind of sad, he really does have a horror of McDonalds. His brother read Fast Food Nation for school and read the best bits out loud for all of us.

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Whoa. Should I tell you now that my son got a snake for a pet for Christmas? Or will that contribute to nightmares and panic attacks?

    rest safely--the snake's on the other side of the country.


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