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I've been visiting writing blogs and found the latest kerfuffle described over at Sybil's. I'd never heard of Godwin's law and I like it.

I also read a bunch of FAQs at authors' blogs and I can't help noticing that none of the FAQs are questions I'd want to ask (I probably would anyway). Here's a sample of a few standard questions:
Where were you born?
What inspired you to become a writer?
Who are your favorite authors?
That kind of thing. My questions would probably be . . .well, if anything were fair game I might ask:
Have you ever been involved in an online discussion in which you compared your opponent to terrorists or nazis?


  1. Um . . . no. But I have been in a middle school classroom where I think the students are terrorists. Does that count? :P

  2. If that's a "normal" FAQ question for you, I think yours would be much more interesting than what you usually find!

  3. when is there NOT a kerfuffel in the blog-o-sphere?

  4. Anonymous9:51 PM

    heh that is as old as time...

    My personal fave is snacky's law but that is so xfilish I didn't think anyone would get it. LOL but in case anyone cares, a link . Yes I am a sharer ;)

  5. I'm a little surprised you'd never heard of Godwin's Law before, considering you spend at least as much time at Kos as I do, if not more. And it's so true!


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