Ta Da!
It's RELEASE DAY for a SUMMER DEVON e-book, Revealing Skills!

Go! buy! read!
Enter the contest at end of e-book! Get another book! And good chocolate!

So, over at Bam's a while back there was a discussion about the cover. Do you think the cover model looks like Natalie Imbruglia, Anna Paquin, Tori Amos or Geena Davis?


  1. Dunno who she looks like, but what a gorgeous cover, Kate! congrats.

  2. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I'm going with Geena Davis, or that crazy redheaded psycho in CSI early series.

    Congrats on release day, hope it does awesome!

  3. Geena Davis, fo'sho. Congrats!

  4. Yeah, Geena. And maybe Tori because of her expression. Good luck with the sales, Kate.


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