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Gave us


Only whoops, first they sent the note to Marie Treanor saying Congrats BONNIE AND MARIE!** It's not a complete mystery why they'd think of that author combo--Bonnie and Marie do write some really fun books together. ****

Hey. I have absolutely no problem with being mistaken for Marie Treanor. On my good days, I aspire to be Marie Treanor.


Oh, whoops, again (me, this time). Edited to put up the book that actually won.


**and if you now have one of the greatest hits of Donny and Marie stuck in your head, you're welcome.

**** Oh! Another update with another reason cataromance might have mixed it up: Marie and Bonnie also won a 2010 Best Of Award for this book.


  1. Did Donny and Marie actually have any hits or only the cheesy show?
    Oh wait, I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock 'n' roll. That's right.

    yeah, I always think of them when I write Bonnie and Marie.

  2. The song "And They Called it Puppy LOoooove" is the only thing that pops into my brain, but that was all Donny, I think?

    God. Old.


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