my (other) new cover!

For the book coming out March 1 at Loose Id.

Rosalie Ambermere’s well-ordered life is disturbed after she inherits a powerful aphrodisiac -- but she’s even more unsettled by her response to the man who offers to help her dispose of the dangerous powder

cover by the talented Ann Cain


  1. I must get used to collage covers. I will learn love them. They've been around forever (and for god's sake, they are not as scary as poser covers). Murals are ART! I know because I studied art and this is what we have here. A MURAL.

    If you're going to have a collage cover, Ann Cain is the best, ever. My covers have rocked, always. And the colors on this are pretty.

    But still.

    I keep imagining how disturbing would it be wake up, grab your cup of coffee, drag yourself to the apartment window for your daily morning stare and weather/traffic check -- and see a misty man-torso 20 stories tall.

    Cloudy, with a chance of giant nekkid men. Huge women with tousled hair will be blocking traffic to the north.

    Literal Kate

  2. Here's what else I know:

    A cover's #1 job is to sell books. Maybe #2 is to not make dreadful mistakes about the book's contents (a la Kilgore Trout)?

    [insert jobs #3-15 here, all about series and publisher branding/look blah blah blah etc] Job #16 is to satisfy picky authors.

    As far as I'm concerned, Ann Cain does the three jobs I know of beautifully.


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