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What's with all the teapots? I'd run out and buy one too, but I have 2? 3? already. That's what happens when you have a sister who's a potter. It's my own fault of course.

Standard Q&A:
Sister: What do you want for your birthday/Christmas/whatever present?
Me (or Mike): Duh, a pot!

I might not be getting a new teapot like all the cool kids are, but I could still take a picture of some of my (her) pots, particularly my favorite freckled teapot. Its spout is broken but it still pours. Then I could feel part of the in-crowd.

In other blah-it's-February news: This house is too cold. The dog is depressed. I still can't see over the top of the snowdrift when I'm backing out of the driveway. It's pure luck no one's smacked into my car as I inch out into the world.

Right, enough of this. I'm going to Borders to work, where I'll be editing another Bonnie and Summer m/m. This one's set in 1902.

Maybe Linda I will be filled with sunshine and we'll get to work with a glad and merry heart.


  1. -- I'll be editing another Bonnie and Summer m/m. This one's set in 1902. --

    This makes my heart say HURRAY!! Move over, E.M. Forster. ;)

    Congratulations on the Sensual Award as well!


  2. Does your sister sell her teapots? Does she have a website? I need a teapot. Since I've given up coffee (sounds of dying) and switched to green tea and mate.

  3. Given up coffee? What?
    I'll go put up a link to her site. . .

  4. And thanks, Molly! This one is about about a carnival and is set in the US.


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