ever notice how I have to trot out the bad out first? With every critique or experience, right off the bat, I have to say what I didn't like. This has to mean all the places my blog shows up as only the first two lines** it seems like I've got nothing but a big old whine fest happening here.

Speaking of criticism, are you watching the stupor bowl? I haven't been but I did catch the one ad where everyone wished they were happy as ........ It was a sublime ad and it was straight from a kids' open-the-flap book where each animal wishes to be another animal (I have no idea what the book was called. But I also have no idea what the ad was for). It wasn't as flashy and expensive as some of the ads I've caught sight of but it was good. The ads are way more creative than the actual show bits I've seen.

**anywhere that's possible, I make those links, like goodreads and amazon. Promotion! Promotion! Promotion! The idea is not so much that my name(s) are linked to anything good or interesting, but just that my name(s) are all over the damn place.


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