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But listen, it's a good book so you should read it. Especially if you like slightly different historicals. The way the two of them communicate is my favorite part of the story.

I think Wendy the Superlibrarian should try this one.

It's Bonnie Dee's
Captive Bride.

I coerced Bonnie into doing a special V-Day post for me. Here's what she wrote:

It’s Valentine’s Day. What are you doing?

My husband and I are not romantic by nature. We’re both pragmatic people, but it works for us. I’d much rather buy my own Christmas or birthday gifts and get exactly what I want. I just bought a Kindle this past week and told my husband we should call that a Valentine’s gift. Works for me.

But he’s a funny guy. His mother was the kind who appreciated romantic gestures and big schmoopy cards on the holidays and I think that shaped him because he almost always buys me an oversized, embossed extravaganza of a Valentine card. Does that act become unromantic because they’re the type of cards Mom would’ve wanted, not me? Naw. I think it’s pretty endearing. It’s just a part of who he is and what we are together which has worked for twenty-five years so why mess with it? Maybe he thinks those schmoopy cards are good for my dry soul. Maybe he’s right.

Funny somebody like me should write romance, right?

Anyway, Kate has allowed me to hijack her blog [she says hijack, I say coerced. So much force today] today on this most romance-reader friendly of days to announce the release of my latest Carina Press book. Captive Bride is an extremely romantic story and a perfect Valentine gift for yourself. Try it. You’ll like it. It’s better than gorging on chocolate.

Here’s what Captive Bride is about…

San Francisco, 1870

Huiann arrives in America expecting to be wed to a wealthy businessman. She no sooner disembarks from the ship than she realizes Xie is not looking for a bride: Huiann is worth more to him as a high-end prostitute. Though her fate is better than that of other Chinese women forced into the sex trade, she has no intention of waiting for Xie to sell her virginity to the highest bidder.

At the first opportunity, she escapes and disappears into

the city.

When a beautiful woman takes refuge in his store, Alan's life changes forever. He's spent the last five years trying to forget the horrors of war, and had almost given up hope of finding love. He hires Huiann as his housekeeper, and though they can only communicate through signs and sketches, they quickly form a bond that transcends the need for words.

But Xie is determined to recover his property, and love may not be enough to protect Huiann from his vengeance.

* * * * *

Here's an excerpt.


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