SBD but first pretty covers again

I'm reluctant to blog because that would push my covers down. So wait, let me post them again and then get on with blogging.

P of L = MARCH 1
MB = Release... soonish, not sure when.

Okay. SBD. I just listened to most of a John Grisham, The Confession. It was all about the execution of an innocent man. I can't imagine listening to that thing if I had any pro-death penalty leanings. I'd be screaming at the thing the whole time. No! No!

I admit, I figured out what was going to happen, and skipped ahead so maybe I missed the emotional wallop.

It was relentless. The writing was interesting because it wasn't what you're supposed to do. A gazillion POVs, no brilliant prose, clunky, lots to telling (not showing). It all seemed to add up to a style of nonfiction as if he was filling some kind of a report. And that worked for what he was doing -- writing a areyoufuckingkiddingme? screed about the death penalty, at least as it's carried out in Texas.

But now, either something uplifting or junky. It's too February out there and now I want a book without death in it. I'm waiting for the Kim Harrison book--released tomorrow--but I imagine it'll be a big mess too. The last couple have been big swirly messes, but I'm not giving up on them yet. Still too much fun.

Seriously, I want something with more fluff. That'll go on my tombstone: More fluff, dammit!


  1. Have you read any Shannon Hale? Book of a Thousand Days is good, and uplifting.

    Oh, wait, I think somebody dies in it. But only bad people. And it's not nearly as dark as The Goose Girl!

    (Hee! my captcha is "tedishun" and now i have the opening number for Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head. Tedishun! Tedishun!.... Tedishun!)

  2. Also: Pretty covers! Pretty, pretty covers!

  3. Great idea. I am a Shannon Hale fan in a big way. Yes. Love all of those YAs and the Austenland book, too. I should check for new titles from her.

    But no thank you for that damn earworm.

  4. Or John Green or David Levithan. Teen chicklit romance for boys of all orientations!

    O would you rather have the Dragon Tales theme? "Dragon tales, dragon tales, it's almost time for dragon tales..." or are your kids too old for you to have been exposed?

    New captcha: "imate". Appropriate for a romance-cover post don't you think?

  5. Reading Goddess Girls with our kids for bedtime. It's fun and fluffy!

  6. Els, you are all about the earworms today.

    I'm off to spend money at amazon and these look good. Thank you, guys, well except for the earworms.

  7. I just noticed that Jonathan Stroud has a prequel to the Bartimaeous trilogy. There's another book to buy!!!!


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