what do I read next? an early sbd

I've read all of the Miles Vorkosigan books and all the other Bujolds as well. I've finished every Terry Pratchett**. Ditto Suz Brockmann, Patricia Briggs, SEP, and Jennifer Crusie. I've plowed through a bunch of mysteries, the LA series, as it turns out. And I just finished laughing at David Sedaris's latest book--the one full of animals. But hey, here I am, unable to concentrate on my non-fiction, and out of fluff.

What should I read next?

Books I've recently abandoned (usually for no good reason)
The Cookbook Collector
The Forgotten Garden
The Looking Glass Wars
The Way of Shadows
What Comes After Crazy

Should I keep trying on any of those? I dumped most fairly early on.

I had a bunch of Nora Roberts (all library books -- in fact almost every title I've listed is from the library which makes a book/tape easier to abandon.) Anyway, I only finished one NR. The others are not a omigodthisishorrible sort of DNF. More of an eh, meh thing.

Pandora's Daughter by Iris Johansen was also a DNF. Practically a real DNF as in the characters were annoying. And so was Sullivan's Evidence by someone who's name I've forgotten.

Looks like I've dumped most of a library, but I've read many more than I've abandoned. If I was any good sort of reader, I'd list them all and make notes. Maybe that'll be my 2011 resolution.


**that latest one, I Shall Wear Midnight, had moments of Pratchettness but the moments of repetitiveness made me sad.


  1. Have you read Thus Was Adonis Murdered, by Sarah Caudwell? British mystery & so delicious. o/p, alas. but often available at libraries & used places.

  2. OOOOO! Yes. Hilary is one of the best characters out there. What do you think? Male or female?

    Mike used to read those out loud and they were so dry, so funny! I miss those books. Maybe I should find one and reread it.


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