In my quest to over-ride my curmudgeonly** spirit, I look for Bright Side of Things. If Christmas is going to be foisted on us year after year, and take up more and more of our lives, I might as well try to appreciate it, right? Cast off the bleak mood created by endless chirping carols. Stop shaking my fist at Little Drummer Boy renditions at Ocean State Job Lot. Only because it'll make my life easier. I can't stay in a cave from Thanksgiving through New Year.

So reason number 87 to say, "Woot! Christmas" ......

Every few weeks I visit the failing Italian bakery. It's cheerfully run-down --clean but plain -- and I like the people who work there and the coffee is cheap. But there's rarely anyone else in there. I fret for the survival of the bakery. Today I went and the line was out the door. Turns out everyone NEEDS THOSE MEH ITALIAN COOKIES this time of year. The people behind the counter had huge rubbermaid containers full of those pale tasteless cookies and they (the people) were slinging them (the cookies) onto all these trays -- which were then tied up in tinsel and plastic. The person in front of me bought 75 dollars worth of cookie trays.

It was amazing and it means those nice people will have work for at least another week.

Also, I forgot reason number 1: I love the winter solstice. GO, MR. SOL! Come back to us! Not really Christmas, but I can dig that whole rebirth of hope thing.

**I know curmudgeons seem to be male, but I haven't found a female equivalent.


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