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I'm listening to The Passage. Wooowweee. It is LONG and I can't seem to turn it off. It has great moments and yet, occasionally sort of rip-off Koontz character-types....or maybe they're just horror/thriller post-apocalypse tropes. eg wise old black lady, religious type that is sort of savioresque.

It's long rambling but holding together enough that I'm there, babee.

I would write about the other books I've read (and I've read a bunch, lately) but this one is in my head, literally. There's some multitasking going on. I'm trying to get this Cronin book done while I write. Blame the inarticulate blog post on the voice in my head. Scott Brick has a nice voice, but I wish he'd be a little less dramatic now and then. And what's with the women's accounts that are thrown in there occasionally? Anyway, I have to get through this so I can have my life back. So Shhhh. Babcock is at it again.

Yo! Look! You can buy a copy of our book at Sony. Not at Fictionwise or Amazon, yet, but eventually.

About the life that isn't held on the computer or in my ears:
I love the little lights strung up all over the place. We need to use them other times of the year for pete's sake.
I eat too much.
The dog eats too much.
I think, yes. . . Definitely. It's time for mandarin orange zinger tea.

Oh, and this. Some unbelievably crappy Compassionate Conservative gifts during this Holiday season.


  1. I blame a lot of things on the voices in my head, too. ;)


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