My New Cover and the contest

See? The title Rat Catcher does not fit that cover.

This is from Kimberly's site of premade covers, but look! She has a bunch of images she'll make into covers.

So? What are you waiting for?
Enter the contest to give me a title.

Maybe you're waiting for details? Okay, okay. I'll work on my back cover text sheet later. First I have to write a book that'll actually earn me some money.

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  1. Hi Kate! How about a fortune cookie message my sister got a few years ago? It was "You have a potential urge." I loved that. so for your title "The Potential Urge"
    Goes great with that cover....

  2. Well, having read it, I would suggest something simple like "Cutter". Of course, I'm not sure about what the cover might say about the title.


  3. Kate, reissuing The Rat Catcher with a new title can make you some money too. The book is great. I love the setting, the characters. Gosh, I stayed up until 2AM reading it, I might come up with more titles later. For now, these are the titles I got for you.

    His naive temptress

    Dangerous naivete

    Innocent temptation

    Some ideas for the blur.

    Officer Cutter thought he’d seen everything until he is assigned to raid a brothel and he meets Callie, a fine young lady. Impressed by her authentic innocence, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Cutter saves her from jail by branding her a witness. When the brothel’s owner dies under suspicious circumstances, Callie is called back to testify. An event that ruins her reputation, leaving her without a dreadful job and a place to live. Once again Cutter helps her, offering a position under his own roof. Despite their different origins, with both being alone in 1884 New York, Cutter feels the needs to protect Callie, even from himself - but who will save him from her? His traumatic past becomes the only defense against her tantalizing presence in his life.

  4. Hey, I was going to recommend this idea to you just the other day. Was thinking you need an eye catching cover and a title that appeals more to romance readers in order to make Ratcatcher sell. Unfortunately, I suck at thinking up titles but here's a couple.
    Cutter's Mistress (I know she's not really his mistress, but I think the word Mistress will sell) or something with "protector" in it, maybe simply Her Protector. Women seem to love the idea of a strong alpha male protector. They'll want to read the blurb to see why she needs a protector. You don't need to mention that the book has been available for free before. (I didn't think it was even possible to have a book at Kindle for less than .99.) And you should DEFINTELY charge 2.99 for the book. It's a full length novel. It's a good story. And you won't get the 70% at Amazon if you don't make it at least 2.99. So that's my 2 cents.

  5. or maybe Callie's Knight, which suggests medieveal, which of course it isn't, but might draw attention. (Her Blue Collar Knight, heee)

  6. Kate - this is a great story, and I'm glad you are having fun renaming it! My title entries are a bit lame, but maybe it will spark something and you'll come up with the perfect title from the various comments. :)

    Cutter's Innocence

    Cutter's Woman

    Protect and Defend

    His Sweet Temptress

    Tempting Innocence

    Well, you get the drift... I also wondered if there was a way to keep "Ratcatcher" in the title...

    The Innocent and the Ratcatcher (not exactly Kathleen Woodiwiss, you know?)

    The Ratcatcher's Woman

    The Ratcatcher's Kiss

    Good luck with this!

    Michelle (antinmitchfield)


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