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A very nice review.

When Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon work together on a book, it becomes an automatic buy for me. I know anything that is co-authored by them together will sweep me up into the intricate lives of the characters and the fast paced storyline. So, when I noticed that the book, The Nobleman and the Spy was up to be reviewed, I anxiously requested it, and I’m glad I did. Not only did The Nobleman and the Spy immediately captivate my attention from the first page, it held it onto it until the very last word.
* * * *

In other news, Aya is visiting. This visit is all about the food. We made cheese from a kit she's got and she brought us a huge durian--that thing had to weigh 20 lbs.

Oh. My. God. I think she'll post pictures. But here's my point: that quote by Anthony Bourdain, "when you eat a durian, your breath will smell like you've been french-kissing your dead grandmother." is not an exaggeration, much.

I got about two bites in when I decided it was not a taste I'd ever acquire. Once she was finished digging into the thing, I dragged the stinky corpse out to the compost pit but the kitchen still reeks.


  1. Mazal tov on the review!

    I ate some durian once, with similar results.

    There's a gelato place in Vancouver that offers durian flavor and that bin has a special cover over it.

  2. I kept waiting to appreciate that gasoline and rotting flesh scent. Never happened.

    Hard to imagine getting it in a cone.


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