Dear Author reviews our latest book.

Sarah seemed to get the character of Reese. I think he's a guy who isn't particularly emotional -- he usually successfully avoids introspection, in fact. He's had a tough time and is gay in a time when that's just not done, but he hunkers down and gets the job done and he's not neurotic.

Maybe neurotic would have made him more interesting --- if he'd been holding down a vibrating pressure cooker of emotion, just about ready to blow. That's a standard for romance. (A standard because, when it's well done, it is entirely satisfying----> Lord of Scoundrels)

But Reese doesn't respond with strong emotion. It's not who he is. He screws up when he gets emotionally upset, so he simply refuses to let it happen.

I'd ask Bonnie if she agrees with this assessment, but I'd hate to look stupid about our co-creation.


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