end of the year regrets

I regret not more of you are entering my contest. Do so and make the new year brighter for all of us.

I regret not filling in those details in the contest that'll help. I'll add those later.

I, like many other people, regret those shoes with toes. I regret that they don't seem to be going away.

I regret buying my poor child a cheap MP3 player when all he really wanted an Apple product. No wait a sec -- that's his regret, not mine.

I regret writing that letter to her employer when a friend of mine got shafted. It didn't help. My friend was appalled that I'd done that== she pointed out that I'd made her look like she'd violated the STFU clause and the employer can make her life that much more difficult. I'd thought the employer was a good person and now I'm less convinced And I regret I can't tell you what the deal it is. I don't think I'll regret writing this because it's so vague you'll just get annoyed. Because there's only so much pissy anger one can hold onto before spewing. Without details the spewage is boring -- but tough. I vaguely regret writing all that. I didn't even drink last night and yes, I definitely regret that.

I don't regret that boredom factor, much.

I don't regret writing stories with other people and want to do that more and more.

I regret people didn't buy that particular story of mine. I thought it was fun.

I regret dumping all those email addresses.

I regret not finding that dog vomit earlier.

I regret not answering your letters or emails.

I regret not knowing how how to gracefully answer that sort of note/email months too late without making dumb excuses.

I regret clicking on links of year end retrospectives, mostly because then I'm reminded about all the people who died in 2010.

I regret not staying up past 11:30 but I don't think I"m going to make it.


  1. Happy New Year! 2010 was certainly filled with learning experiences, many not so nice, but at least you've learned you like co-writing. I didn't stay up until midnight, either, but the people shooting off fireworks nearby made sure I didn't miss it. *g*


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