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What?! A civilized disagreement between an author and a reviewer? And one that actually results in some interesting conversation? That's just uninternetty stuff.

* * *

I say yes to more five star reviews. Life is too short kvetch about the details of the books that entertain me and that are as enjoyable as hell (if hell was all candy floss and carousels). If the book gave me a lift, it gets five stars over at goodreads where I keep track of that sort of thing, dammit. Call me Harriet Klausner, if you want. I don't care.

I'm sure Patricia Briggs and Lois McMaster Bujold are heaving sighs of relief to read that my mighty rating index finger is going for the fives instead of fours.

Actually, if people really did pay attention to my reviews, I'd have to stop writing either them or stories. Anyone who writes books shouldn't wield that kind power over other people's's books and careers because. . . because. . . . because


It's not fair.

Yes, yes, we've read this stuff before. Katiebabs has discussed it. And we're talking about an old and boring topic. I've read (and enjoyed) plenty of reviews written by authors about other people's books. Hey, it's the way all those Sunday book review sections have operated for years and years. I don't mind reading 'em at all.

But still, it would feel unfair (or it would, if someone other than jmc, rachel and beth read my sbds)

Consistency isn't considered a major virtue, I hope? At least my brand of hypocrisy doesn't always work in my favor. Stuff it.

* * * * *
I'm sitting in Border, avoiding writing cover art instructions, and I realized there is nothing here my 13-year-old wants. This makes me sad. I don't know what to buy him, other than computer game stuff. Ew.

* * * * *

Back to work. I must lure people into buying my stuff.


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