It could be worse. ,Could be vampire, a lame SBD

First: You guys and your weather. Naturally I love those weather descriptions in comments. Sheesh. I considered going through some books and finding exquiste descriptions. But I'm lazy. Feel free to post your best weather let me know and I'll link it here.

Now: Lame SBD. My family's gone on a zombie kick--actually it's been going on for more than a year. The boys' conversation tends to include mentions of eating brains. The Zombie survival guide is on my husband's list of favorite books. I have yet to read anything other than Sam' Winston's zombie books (which I loved)**

The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! (Paperback) is on some list of books to read.

I made a rule after finishing Seducing Mr. Darcy and Austenland I was by god never reading anything related to Pride and Prejudice again, except maybe, someday, P&P again. But this might be too funny to miss if I find it lying around the house. And I haven't sworn off zombies, yet.

The one advantage to zombies is the undead feature isn't usually a titillation factor. Jack's arm falling off (it's in the link above) is never going to seem sexy--like someone with no blood circulation is supposed to be.

That's what's so creepy about the vampires. The cold as marble blood thing relating to sex just doesn't do it for me. Good thing those guys often don't breathe because (I've learned through experience**** ) blood breathe is halitosis hell. Very stinky. Ew.

Biting though might work (for me without the blood so much because I don't flag red hankies on the left or right). Being the biter might be kind of fun. NO that is not a TMI thing about my life. It seems like a standard human response. Also pain enhancing pleasure. Not my thing, but I can imagine it. Also far-fetched but the death as ultimate orgasm also can be interesting.

Never mind. Maybe I don't mind vampires as much as I once did--or didn't until the market turned into a huge vampfest. Zombies are all over the rest of the genres. Bring on more romance fiction zombies. Let's beat them back into the ground. Hardyharharhahr. Hey you were warned. See the "lame" up there? Don't sue me.

** and yes, I agree with Maili and Nadia Lee who twittered about the pal promo thing but that link was clearly promo. And now a mention in passing doesn't count.

**** you don't want to know


  1. Biddy 112:12 PM

    This would be fun for Boy 2. If he comes to visit, we'll give him his own deck.

  2. Uncle Andrew2:26 PM

    By odd chance I was reluctantly having a long conversation with my son about zombies just last night. I had to pretend to be more zombie-savvy than I really am. How many zombie movies have you seen dad? Oh three or four. Which ones, he wanted to know. I quickly hide behind age and world-weariness. Oh the original, of course, I start. Of course, he echoes. And the one in the mall, I think. Oh, Dawn of the Dead. Yeah, I say, already to the end of the list of zombie movies I can name. Then we go into a long discussion of the symbolism, political metaphors, and fidelity to the canon. Yoiks! WTF is it with zombies all of a sudden?

  3. biddy-o-la, I'm working on him. And on me.

    UA--We blame Shaun of the Dead for rise in popularity. Or do I mean rerise?

  4. Hi Kate!

    Blood breath is indeed heinous. Drunken blood breath is even worse. Back in training, if we had to do anything to such folks (like suture up their lacerated faces, for example) we would first make them gargle with peroxide and cepacol. This was therapeutic, of course -- for the doctor.

    Come read my post at B&W on waterboarding. I'm debuting it there before putting it up on Daily Kos. Tell me what you think.

  5. OH, and aren't zombies erotic because they're always, um, STIFF? Just sayin'.


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