did this work?

I went to Fatima's to pick up a few sox and a rug. I took along a boy's camera to use and maybe it even worked. We shall see. I really want the video of her weaving.

Fatima just got back from a trip to Bosnia a couple of weeks ago. Her brother's bones were finally ID'd in a mass grave and she went over for his burial. She and her family paid for the trip. I thought it was one of those things international agencies paid for?


  1. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Such an atrocity. Poor Fatima. My heart goes out to her.

  2. That's a sad story. This world is full of a lot of very f'ckd up people who do a lot of f'ckd up and illogical things. If people operated from logic instead of passion this world would probably be a much better place.


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