1. My brother's okay. He decided to have a heart attack yesterday. Then he decided to find help before everything went south permanently. He had some serious blockage but they managed to put in all the stuff he needs to have the heart work again properly. Stents. The emails from the other siblings make it sound like he's doing well or at least not scary bad any more. I'd call too but there are too many people bugging him. Poor guy.

2. My email is showing signs of being a real PITA again. People are saying "didn't you get that email?" often enough that I know the email-eating goblins in the system are at it again. If you sent me something and I didn't answer, try again. I 'might not be ignoring you.

3. We picked a lot of strawberries, pounds and pounds and pounds. Now the kitchen smells like strawberries and the little spiders are walking around on the table. Got to love summer.


  1. Sending lots of healing thoughts to your brother!!

  2. Good thoughts...

  3. Sorry to hear about your brother. Sending prayers for his healing.

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I wishing well for your brother and I'm glad they were able to set him working straight with stents.


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