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I've only just managed to drag myself out of Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogy only to discover THERE ARE THREE MORE. Aw, man.

And now I've read the first of those. Honestly, what is it with these authors that think we don't have lives? I have better things to do than get stuck reading their books. Unfortunately, I can't recall what those better things are at the moment.

Work. Yes, okay, I'm on it, BD! I promise.

I'm not even that fond of Fitz the main character. Okay, maybe I am.


  1. I think by "three more" you mean the Tawny Man trilogy? Well the good (or bad :D) news is that there's actually 9 books set in the same world, although the middle trilogy (Liveship traders) isn't told from Fitz's point of view but is set down south in the Rain Wilds - which is also where her latest book (The Dragon Keeper, available in the UK this week) takes place. :)

  2. eiiiiii. She's like Robert Jordan except she's a pretty good writer.

    Live-ship traders? as in the ship is alive? Hmmmmm

    I think I'll pretend I didn't know about these books for a week or two. Once I dive into them, I'm trapped.

  3. I don't think I've had that problem since I was a kid and I got stuck reading all the Narnia books. Every. Boring. One of them.

    I had to buy the last Dexter book, too. Actually, it was a lot of fun -- I really enjoyed Dexter and the kids. The little hellions. Did you know there's going to be a #4 in the series? Dexter By Design or something like that.

  4. There's more to that series? Thanks a lot, now I won't get my own writing done. :)

    Off to check my usual eBook purchase sites! :)


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