Sure, Some idiot in production's fault

.....or not.

Okay so did you happen to notice how a while back I mentioned (but didn't moan, nossirree) that I didn't have a cover and had to use my own glamorized face for an RT ad?

I didn't want to be a troublemaker and complain but, jeebus, I couldn't help but notice that publisher was slow coming up with a cover. I felt very professional and restrained because I didn't say a word on any of my loops or even complain to my friends. Or whine at my editor.

I'd go over and check the page now and then fume a bit. Yup, the book is listed but where is the freaking cover? What is UP, people? I'd think. But not say because I've been doing this business long enough to know that whiners do not look even remotely professional.

Then yesterday I get a terse, polite note from the cover coordinator basically saying, Kate, dude, wtf? Where is our cover request form? Only he was way, way more professional than that.

Ah. Well. Oh. My. Um. Yes.

Oh you mean that cover request form that I filled out (with a lot of help, yes)...But...didn't ...send....because I thought it was Someone Else's Problem.

Do I have an excuse? It would be nice if I could plead ignorance about the process but that seems sort of unrealistic because this is my fifth book with this company.

So no. Nope, I got nothing. Ahem. I plan to have better luck with that professional attitude next time.

* * *

And just because I'm pasting it everywhere, here's a link to a great comic.


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