sentimental about cyberspace?

That's sort of sad, as in "You collect empty egg cartons? That is really sad."

But I went back and looked around the old place. Sniffle. I mean those great FIFTY FIVE WORD BUTTONS that Hyde and Shylah made! I can't toss them. We'll have to use them again.

Bye for now, blog.

I have trouble throwing out ratty tee-shirts, too. There's one I got in Holstebro, Danmark in 1974 that I still own. It was celebrating the city's 700th year (the city was founded in 1274. Or rather it was mentioned in some letter from a bishop)

I wore that shirt a lot in 1976 when the US was going on and on about our bicentennial. I lived in DC and was just entering the extremely snotty stage of life. Well, perhaps not just entering. . .

huh.. I just maundered on about My Past at the old blog, too -- must be a moving thing.


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