the latest contest

This one isn't mine, but one of my books is in it. And I'm shoving the contest down people's throats big time because I told the other RU authors how much FUN contests are. "When you make people work, the results are FUN. . . No really!. . .You'll love reading the FUN entries," I told them.

So far there aren't any entries, fun or otherwise.

So here's the deal:
1. Go to THIS spot.
2. Whine according to the directions. It's easy.

Maybe you should think Beth and her Smart Bitches day. Check out her Monday entries. . . You should keep the whining really, really short.

Win this contest and you don't have to do any shopping for your beach reading. Here are all the autographed books** you'll win:

Lady of the Knight, Jackie Ivie.
Scot history with a twist...the heroine get the knives and the hero gets to wonder how that happened. Winner - Best First Book 2004 Beacon Contest

Risk Everything, Sophia Johnson
The sparks flying in the battle between Rolf and Meghan set the pages afire -- guess who comes out the winner? RT 4 Stars

Here Comes The Bride, Laura Drewry
In this passionate western historical romance, a proper Boston lady takes refuge with a rugged rancher in Montana and steals his heart. RT 4 stars

The Seduction of Sarah, Cynthia Clement
Passionate pursuits rule the day when England's high society is confined to a country estate. Romance Junkies 4 Ribbons.

Unveiled, Kristina Cook

From the author of Unlaced, the story of two stubborn souls confronted with a passion impossible to ignore. Will they close the door on love--or unveil their hearts?"

For Her Love, Paula Reed
Amidst the racial turmoil of the seventeenth-century Caribbean, a woman of mixed blood overcomes her stormy past to find happiness with a courageous captain.

Love is All Around, Lori Devoti
“…vivid characters and subtle, laugh-out-loud brand of storytelling. A sparkling novel." Affaire de Coeur 5 stars

The Naked Duke, Sally MacKenzie
Regency-set historical. A proper American miss wakes from her innocent slumber to find a naked duke in her bed. Is it a nightmare or a dream come true? 4 stars, RT

Master of Pleasure, Jessica Trapp
Seeking revenge against the noble family who betrayed him, bastard warlord Godric Montgomery abducts the woman he was once promised, making her his captive--body and soul.

Hot Stuff, Flo Fitzpatrick

Romance sizzles between a sassy American linguist and an Irish adventurer in the hot city of Bombay when the pair go on the run with a mysterious statue in new romantic/action comedy. 4.5 RT, Gold Top Pick

Somebody to Love, Kate Rothwell
The stubborn Griffin Calverson meets his match. “…A fascinating story of forbidden love in 1883 New York.” Cataromance; 5 ribbons Romance Junkies

**note: I made everyone write her own description, that's why there is such a variety of rioting styles.

The books will come to you all neatly stacked, I hope, into a cloth carrier sack suitable for hauling books or wet bathing suits (after the books are removed). The bag is decorated a lot of really nice covers silkscreened onto the side.


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