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I just posted at my old blog (http://mkate.bravejournal.com) and it's mostly about a contest. . . no, no, don't get excited. It's a promotional contest. Yeah, the prize is fine, but the contest, she is boring. For me, at any rate.

Other holiday fun, I'm trying to figure out what to do at romanceunleashed's blog for a contest and I promised to list this month's releases today. And here I always thought I hated promotion.

Fireworks tonight and for the first time in more than a decade, we'll get to go close. The boys say it's time. They can face the loud booms at last. Oh, I remembered to warn the refugees I saw last week about all the explosions they'd be hearing. For obvious reasons, firework displays freak them out. The first year I worked with refugees, I heard about the kids who hid in closets after dark every night. They came to the US and at last felt able to sleep out in the open. Then the fourth of July rolled around, a few explosions later and -- back into the closet they went. They sweated and cried because they were scared and it was too hot, but they refused to sleep anywhere else.


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