cluck, cluck

Yeah, there's another flap happening. PBW, Shannon and the Squawk radio people are on it. (I'm only putting in the squawkers link because PBW and Shannon are on the sidebar. As soon as I figure out the sidebar I'll be adding more and more accurate links.)

There's a lot of angry back and forth and debate about the usual subjects with a few remarks about naked or dressed chickens.**

But one little post hit me longside the head like Groucho's duck****. dingadingadinga!

Sasha over at PBW's wrote:

Erotica and Romance are two separate genres. Very true. And they DO have their own shelves in bookstores. However, erotic romance, is just as much a romance as historical, suspense or paranormal. And in some cases, even more than chic lit. Yet, RWA has embraced those sub-genres. I have to say I am totally disappointed by RWA as an organization, and the writers within it that do not support their fellow authors in the quest for publication.

Yah DUH, is all I have to say. Thank you, Sasha (I cleaned up the spelling a bit, hope you don't mind.)

And Elizabeth Bevarly, I love you, but you're wrong about EC, or at least most of the books I've read there -- and all of the books I write for them. I suspect you've figured that one out by now that there are plenty that fit the romance ticket. But if you haven't, I'd be glad to send you my books. And I'd even allow you to write a coolio plug for me. I'm that kind of generous woman.

**and let me just say right off that I love them squawk radio chickens.

**** I find a theme and, no matter how fowl, I stick to it.


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