I was going to keep on spouting more advanced POV wisdom, but I swear, I'm thinking the fewer of us who present trend as Fact the better the world will be . . .. Yeah, so a bunch of romance is written in deep third (deeeeeeeper'n a well) and have only the hero and heroine's POV and no head hopping blah blah blah. But hell, I'm sick of presenting it because I can imagine someone, somewhere, might jump on a new writer for some bogus rule that I repeated.

A lovely bit of omniscient opinionated INTERESTING description of a room or a person will be dumped. A heroine-looking-in-the-mirror-scene-for-description that actually works (there must be some?) will be cut. Bah.

When I cleaned out my office last spring, I came across a contest entry from a few years back. The judge's remarks were hellacious. Not unfriendly or rude or mean. . . but stupid. They did not fit the damn story. I can picture the judge scribbling notes about every single point some editor or writer or nut-job uttered. Obviously she had memorized the contents of some workshop or book as God's unswerving truth.** And back when I got the stupid contest entries--I thought that the judges had taken some kind of training that meant THEY knew what they were on about. I turned the story on its side to fit. It had been a small story, rather sweet and quiet. I wish I had saved the original to see if it did work. . . but no, I had to pump it up. I mean, OMIGOD NO BLACK MOMENT. . .When I was finished following advice, the story had turned into a bloody mess. I dumped it or maybe it got lost on a broken computer?

Silly goobers, all of us who take too many notes. I'm not talking major tragedy here. We'll all survive, and maybe some of our writing will, too.

**I recall seeing GMC a lot, so maybe it was a Deb Dixon influence. Except DD's very clear that she's not the answer for every writer and book out there. Maybe the judge forgot to write that part down?


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