in which truth is sweeter than fiction

I just thought as I read this that if the birthday party scene had been the climax in a novel, no doubt it would be required to be gritty and at least half the characters would be bitter, estranged or mean. Instead it's just...nice. And still fun to read.**

Sigh. AND I just love seeing again the fact that we can take the cards marked family and shuffled them til we're dizzy--and they still end up as family. There are still picnics and photo albums and kids.

If people who loathe "alternative lifestyles" (a godawful phrase, but I don't have a better one for anyone not living in the mom-dad-jr-sis unit) could see that lesson, they'd be happier and less scared. They could get on with their own picnics and photo albums and lives instead of lying awake at night and worrying about the neighbors.

On the other hand, the link might not be worth beans to you if you haven't read else's earlier blog entries.

** But I know I have a penchant for the amiable.


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