Promo Whine

I think I wouldn't mind doing promo if I thought it made any difference. Most of the time I feel as if I'm yelling into a crowd of people who are also yelling. A huge group of costermongers extolling the virtues of their cabbages. You get hoarse with all that shouting and you still have a wagon full of cabbages.

Several people have suggested I make my latest book free for a few days. I have a horrible feeling that if I did that, it still wouldn't become popular. There's nothing more discouraging than offering something for free and getting no takers. Maybe I should ply everyone with beer first. Maybe if I put on the spike heels and the red dress . . .Okay, no way, I think I'll stick with the costermonger imagery.

Anyway, SOMEONE is going to get a coupon from Amazon in a couple of days. I hope it's you.

And do not forget -- if you enter the contest, you have to let me know. Really. 


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