All weddings should have human gerbil balls

Sounds obscene, eh? Here's what I mean--walking on water.

A niece got married in Greensboro, VT, smart girl. Perfect weather, friendly people (heavy on the Swarthmorians, aka Swatties, but they were reasonably civilized) and a gerbil ball.

photo by Aya, who also took a turn inside. 

Theme from this wedding is definitely spheres. 


  1. Reminds me of The Prisoner Here comes Rover, oh noes!!!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii

    And hi, Doug!

  3. The walking on water hamster ball looks like it might be fun. But only after I'd drunk entirely too much wine.

  4. It looked like fun but the air doesn't last long. They came out of it huffing and puffing after about ten minutes.

    I did try flinging myself onto the big ball(as featured in the video) but not with anyone watching.

    I do like that video Andy made--especially with the sound up.

  5. That's really a thrilling experience.

  6. What could be better than a wedding in Vermont? I don't live there, but the home of Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders has got to be the best place on the planet....

  7. AND it was less than an hour from Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory.

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