HEY! Summer Devon has a new book out!

So turns out I've got TWO releases I'm jumping around yelling about! Here's the deal. You can now enter the contest THREE TIMES. . One entry for each book and one for the contest itself. 
Find out details here

If you lose all your followers because they are sick of hearing about Kate Rothwell and Summer Devon ** at least:
  1. You'll be in good company (me)
  2.  You'll be the proud owner of an ebook 
  3. You may be able to buy more books with your shiny new e-certificate for twenty five dollars. Especially if you enter multiple times.

So go on, read the directions at the link above or the blog entry below and enter the contest. And here's a link to the new ebook. http://www.loose-id.com/Claws-on-Silk.aspx

You can write your coolio tweet/facebook/blog third entry using that link. Sample Facebook contest entry:

Summer Devon (who's also Kate Rothwell) has another book out. I know, not my fault. I just want to enter her contest again, okay? Go read all about Claws on Silk here http://www.loose-id.com/Claws-on-Silk.aspx


What about the actual book?  It's a historical shapeshifting menage with m/f/m (and some m/m) Yes, I know that sounds a tad ... much. Does it help to say that we (the authors) like it a lot? 

Here's the cover copy:

Blackmailed into acting as her family's assassin, Anna corners O'Riley, her prey, but is shocked to realize the farmer standing over him is another of her kind. A rare Varelse, a tigerlike creature bred to kill. Anna's drawn to Isak, who hasn't shifted for years but who sees Anna struggle with her dual nature. Sometimes cultured lady, sometimes bloodthirsty beast, Anna begs for help. Isak agrees -- if she'll spare O'Riley's life. In their sensual lessons, he awakens his own dark animal -- and unleashes her feral passion.
But there's a hitch – Patrick O'Riley, the charming blackguard she hunts, desires her too. What's more, he also wants Isak. And to Isak's surprise, the farmer finds he's curious about the three of them together.

Yet over their heads hangs the specter of Anna's blackmailer, her uncle, who wants Patrick dead. Knowing they must confront him and learn the truth, Anna, Isak, and Patrick embark on a journey that takes them over land and sea and pushes the boundaries of their turbulent relationship. With their lives on the line, the three surrender to the lure of claws on silk and the savage lust that entwines them with danger and desire.

Read an excerpt here. 


** and now Linda Gayle, too. She's the coauthor of Claws on Silk


  1. The writer is totally right, and there is no skepticism.


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