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Someone contacted me privately to ask if I was the one who had such a hard time with Ellora's Cave. She'd heard from someone else that I had a major beef with them and she wanted the deets.

Huh? No, not me.

Maybe she thought I was unhappy because I asked for the rights back on a book (Thank You, Mrs. M). I wanted the book back because it wasn't selling there. (and okay, I don't think Blush does that well--that is a rumor. A RUMOR. Which is the sort of thing I'm trying to quash here.) And yo, hey, damn--who knows if that story will ever sell anywhere? The book has no sex and an odd structure. It's not YA and it's not plain old adult. It's probably doomed everywhere.

Back to that email. After I read it, I figured I should make a public announcement, and what better place than my blog?

I have no problem with EC. I've liked my editors. I like the fast communication. Every email I've gotten from Raelene is clear and professional. They pay every month. (Not much, but I haven't had a new book there for a long time). When I asked for my rights back, I got them. They reverted 9/26 and I just checked Amazon. Yup, not for sale there any more.

Other issues I've seen muttered about on the internet:

No, business isn't what it used to be and I think they're scrambling to catch up with the whole bizarro changing world of publishing--but who isn't. I can't imagine any publisher is entirely secure about the future or which direction to take. It's just too uncertain.

The stuff about Jaid's personal life -- eh, it's not impacted me. Therefore it is none of my business. That sounds really stuffy doesn't it? I don't mean to come off as superior. I'm probably just as nosy and interested as anyone else, but the point is, it really isn't my business --as in I don't think her personal life has greatly affected with my own experience with them. I admire her for being forthright and standing up for what she believes in.

There. An official statement (basically the response I sent to the person who wrote to me made public). 

Here's my PS: Of course I have no idea what goes on day to day there, so my statement's probably worth the paper it's not printed on.

PPS I was first published there in 2005 which is a thousand years in internet.


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