I'm listening to Lisa Gardner (SBD short edition) plus last pimpage

D.D.Warren annoyed me at first but now I love that D.D. Stubborn, humorless, determined, smart, but the last to figure it out sometimes--yup, that's my girl. I. LOVE. HER. Bobby is okay, but D.D.'s the fun one.

Lisa Gardner is my newest glom. As  for the plots, I'm not real sure I adore the over-the-top plots as much as I love the characters, but that's fine.The first person followed by third person structure of the books is odd. I've only read a couple so I wonder if it's consistent in the series.

I have to get back to work editing the latest m/m Bonnie and I wrote. Also I have to get ready to deal with my contest as in assemble the entries. Listen, you get busy too.  You have an hour or two to enter. Let me know if you enter so I can add you to my list. 


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