Listen, I'm not above bribery

I got a great fan letter the other day. She loved my book and it was so nice to read that kind of enthusiasm, makes my day--it always does. I should be content.

Naturally I want more.

I want reviews. I didn't beg her to write one over at Amazon, and I can't demand you do that either*. But I crave attention for my books.

Here's the sweet, sweet deal:

Want a free book? Sure! I'll send you a copy of any of my Kate Rothwell OR Summer Devon ebooks (exceptions: not Somebody to Love or Somebody Wonderful. I can't figure out how to do that). BUT Stay tuned for an even more stunning offer, just for you . . . 


All you have to do is blog or post or tweet something about my new book. Here's some text for you that'll fit that twitter feed just copy and paste (or feel free to make your own.)

Kate Rothwell has a new cheap ebook out! Here's a link:


Look, a historical ebook by Kate Rothwell. Only 99 cents. Whatadeal. Here's a link:

If you want to use you own words, go for it. Go ahead, add your opinion. Even if you hated the book, hey, that'll count-- if you include the link

"Kate Rothwell's dreck is here!"

So WHAT AN OFFER!! You get a free ebook, just for tweeting (or blogging or facebooking).  


Here it is: the next even, sweeter topping on an already delicious deal!!

You get an entry into a contest for a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or Samhain, whichever the winner prefers.


If you blog/facebook/tweet about this contest, you get another entry into the gift certificate contest.

An example of this sort of entry (Feel free to use your own words):

Enter Kate's contest! Details here:

What are you waiting for? Act now! This offer is only good for one week.  

I'll be picking a gift certificate winner at random using our advanced, scientific ATB method*** on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12.

And, judging from the number of responses I've had for previous contests, if you enter, your chances of winning are very, VERY good! Excellent, in fact.

DO NOT FORGET to tell me about your post! Let me know 
via Twitter 
or Facebook 
or comment below 
or let me know via email. 

I might find blunder across your entries but don't leave it to chance!

Oh, and to get your free ebook, you'll have to email me your email address, duh. I promise not to keep your address for any reason -- not even for my infrequent newsletter--unless you ask me to. 

recap time:
JUST tweet or facebook or blog about my new book with its URL and YOU GET A FREE EBOOK OF YOUR CHOICE AND A CHANCE AT A GIFT CERTIFICATE

.........AND THEN......

If you also tweet, facebook or blog about this contest, YOU GET ANOTHER CHANCE AT THAT GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Don't forget.

In addition to tweeting/facebooking/blogging.....

You will need to tell me:
1. your email address for the book (and gift certificate, in case you're a winner)
2. which book you want. (check out all Kate Rothwell or Summer Devon titles, with two exceptions, noted above)
3. about all your entries into this contest.

My email, in case you missed it, is


* It's a free country so obviously I can demand anything I want. I can also wear a bikini but neither of those options is the smart way to go.

** Any guesses about who's had insomnia lately and has been watching infomercials at two am when the husband forgets to turn off the television?

 ***ATB =  Annoyed Teenaged Boy. (Contest Coordinator: Pick a number between one and one hundred. ATB: Mom, what? I'm doing homework/playing Star Craft/watching this show. CC: Just pick a number, dammit. )


  1. This is a GREAT post, totally brilliant! ^_^ Not to worry, I'm off to spread the word. Good luck, and congrats on your latest!

  2. thanks for entering.

    BUT did you read the post below this one? where I went all drooly fangirl on your book?

  3. I tweeted and posted to FB back when it came out but I did it again today. No need to thank me. Well, okay, a little bit of thanks. ;)


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