Okay, smart people are emailing me saying whu? huh? about this contest, so it's time to have a post with no bells and whistles, telling you the basic facts. No big, colorful fonts and no whining. It'll hurt, but I'll manage.

runs today through next Monday, Sept 12. A winner will be picked about 6 pm eastern time. 

Everyone is a winner! You will get any Summer Devon or Kate Rothwell ebook title (I can't send you Somebody to Love, Somebody Wonderful or Claws on Silk. Still, that's a fair sized lot of books to pick from.)

You will also be entered to win a twenty-five dollar gift e-certificate from Amazon. Winner picked next Monday. Your chances of winning depend on how many people enter and how many entries you have (up to three possible).


JUST tweet, facebook or blog about one of my two new books (Claws on Silk and Protecting Miss Dunaway), using a link that goes directly to that book.
Okay, that's one entry. Now. Go ahead, blog, tweet or facebook about the other book -- and you get another entry.

If you also tweet, facebook or blog about this contest, you get that third entry into the contest.

Want an example? Here's some text for Miss Dunaway that'll fit that twitter feed. Just copy and paste (please! feel free to make your own.)

Kate Rothwell has a new cheap ebook out! Here's a link:
Look, a historical ebook by Kate Rothwell. Only 99 cents. Here's a link:
If you want to use you own words, go for it. Go ahead, add your opinion. Even if you hated the book, hey, that'll count-- if you include the link 

The link to the other book is:

The link to this contest is:

WAIT! What if you don't blog, use facebook or twitter?

You can write a review at Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes and Noble or fictionwise--any public review of any one my books  -- written in the next week -- will count. 

It doesn't have to be a good review. Sure, I'd prefer it if you piled on praise but I'm not the one picking the winner, so that won't affect the contest outcome. 

Of course if you write a review that makes it clear you haven't looked at the book [eg about The Gentleman and the Rogue: "I hated the whale and Ahab sucked too"] your review won't qualify.


 (also necessary to get that prize of an ebook) You will need to:

  1. give me your email address so I can send the ebook (and it'll be where I send the gift certificate, in case you're a winner)
  2. tell me which book you want. (check out all Kate Rothwell or Summer Devon titles, with three exceptions, noted above) You don't have to get a book. I won't feel hurt if you just want to go for the gift certificate
  3. alert me all your entries into this contest, links to the entries if possible.

Any questions? Need to tell me about your entry?  Please, do let me know!


  1. Due to my eyes, I don't read ebooks, but I'd love a chance to win the $25 GC from Amazon!

    Claws on Silk Tweet

    Seducing Miss Dunaway Tweet


  2. Hi Kate, this is all so fascinating. I ordered your Victorian Romance from All Romance ebooks. Naturally, since I just finished my Victoriana blog series. Did you catch any?
    Thank you for the opportunity for free romance reading. My hubby, Tom, will indulge, he is a voracious romance reader. Did you say to pick another book? Outside of your Victorian Romance, can you pick one for me and Tom of course.
    I have been lurking behind all your writing and enjoy how you put words together. By the way, Tom and I would love to win the Amazon prize. Gail Ingis, member CTRWA

  3. Hi Gail,
    which books would you and Tom like?
    email me katerothwell at and tell me the titles!

  4. and thank you, Vicki! I appreciate the entry.


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