Stop hinting at the question. I'll tell you.

Most months I make enough to cover about a week's grocery bill and maybe a pizza order --if we stick to plain pizza. I mean just enough pizza for the five of us. If one of the kids have a friend over, nope, not enough. If we were to translate this into the college bill, I'd say I'd cover a quarter credit a month, maybe.

Why am I writing this? Because people keep wondering about how much money I make and implying that I should make enough to do something about the car situation** by buying a brand new car. As in new? I don't think so.

I don't particularly mind telling you. I'm not being coy when I don't get specific with numbers because there's no knowing exactly what'll happen month to month. Most months I make more than $100 and less than $500.

Now you know.


**the minivan that wouldn't start last month now won't stop. I came to the stop sign at the end of the block, put my foot on the brakes--and as my foot slammed all the way to the floor, the van slid gently through the 4 way stop. I'm fairly convinced this is not a murder conspiracy. There's no life insurance on me.


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