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I bought two ebooks today and read them both immediately--sort of fell on them like a starving person. One I knew I'd like because JL Merrow. Duh Of course. I'd read her description of a town meeting (and those things are duller than the phone book). Plus from the review I'd read over at Dear Author, I'd figured I'd like the book, Muscling Through. Al, the hero, is a sweet block-of-wood oaf. I loved him, but not like that. Which is fine. Larry was almost worthy of him. I'm like Sarah--I didn't think I'd could cotton to a hero who is mentally challenged, but who couldn't like a man who's so direct and kind?

I bought the other book, Zero Factor by Stacycey "No E in Stacy" Gail (and not Gail Stacey, which I keep calling her) because I apparently have a thing for heroes who are ex-killing machine types. Machines changed to men by the love of a good woman (which isn't this story, not really) Hey, that's the best explanation I could come up with.

I enjoyed the bejeebus out of the book. I wish the hero's transformation could have been explored a bit more, but I guess it happened fast -- and so it's presented, fast. He's gobsmacked with the truth and he's a swift mover so -- here we go. He goes from a soldier who only knows his work and has only hints of tolerance for the zero factors in his life (anything to be ignored during a mission) one minute to a man who's willing to give his life for one of those zero factors in the next minute.

Also I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but with all of his body modifications, I kept seeing C Locke as Peter Weller in robocop mode but with less metal.

The heroine was great. She was genuinely strong and fragile at the same time. Not the icky Save me Big Guy fragile--she had powers she struggled to suppress which made life difficult. And she gets reckless when she has to, not a moment before. She hides when she should and generally doesn't try to get herself killed -- so nice to not have a TSTL heroine.

The villain wasn't particularly interesting, but everyone else rocked. The whore with the heart of gold has my vote for best secondary character of the year. I loved it. I want more. Now.


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