A New Novella by Kate

This is one I wrote and published on my own. (I didn't edit it. I'm not that dumb. Thanks, Linda and Laura) It's available through Smashwords and eventually it'll be up on Amazon. Only 99 cents! What a deal! For less than a cup of coffee you get a heartwarming tale. (get it? warming? like coffee, except cheaper?)

Buy this!

Here's a blurb: 

Twelve years ago, a stranger's kiss helped Miss Dunaway reach her heart's desire by allowing her to escape the path to marriage. Now the gentleman has reappeared and his presence reminds her of pleasures she left behind.

Lord Fellington doesn't seem to recognize her, and it's absurd to suppose he'd recall the kisses they shared all those years earlier. After all, he has seen plenty of life, including tragedy. He apparently only regards her as the celebrated matron of the foundlings' home where he plans to atone for his role in his brother's death.

But Miss Dunaway has grown restless. After years as a saint, she longs to be a woman as well. Perhaps Lord Fellington might be willing to help her reclaim some joyful decadence.

Warning: contains some sexual content (but, hey, only a few pages.)

* * * 
I probably should have had help writing the blurb, too. 


  1. Congratulations! May you have many sales. This is the one I read in an early draft rigth? It sounds a bit familiar.
    Anyway, you need to go Kindle and Pubit right away. Opt out of B&N at Smashwords.You'll do better doing it yourself. It gets up quicker and for some reason you get more sales.
    I have proof of this. I had After the End available at B&N through Smash because I didn't know about the Pubit option for some time. After someone told me, I finally did it and right away started having sales at B&N like I'd never had before. Don't know why but it's true.
    I also have another tip a friend gave me to help in making sure your book will be immediately found using search words. Ask me.

  2. Okay! That was fun--once I found Pubit, anyway. Thanks, Bonnie.

    I've got all sorts of books loaded on all sorts of sites and now I'll just sit back and wait for the nickles and dimes to roll in.



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