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First chapter of the first book by me, Kate.

I just got to beta-read a Bonnie Dee story and you didn't. My life is good. That's two books I've beta-read this summer that I love. I wonder what happened to Heidi's story?

Another reason life is thumbs up, I got to wake up from the worst dream ever of a picnic in a field of bones. Standard nightmare B-grade movie visions of bone-y hands reaching from the earth. Bones rolling under our feet, making us trip and fall onto more bones, with just a thin layer of dirt and grass to disguise the sea of violent death.

Waking up from that means I'm still alive..... for the moment.

I have to drag a kid off to back-to-school shopping. We're not in an all-fired-big-ass-hurry but it's either that or get back to editing one of two stories lurking on my computer and when I say edit I mean rewrite nearly every painful word.


  1. Wow, Kate, you're starting to have my dreams. Yay for editing/revising.


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