SBD post hurricane edition

Which books did I like this week? It's more a week of not liking books -- and that's no fun. I did listen to the Princess Diary after all these years of trying to ignore its existence. Pop references sure did date that thing. A teenaged girl lusting after George Clooney and Harrison Ford; Madonna as news-worthy?

But that's fine. It was cute. It fit my mood. Not as appealing to me as Lockhart.

I know that I read at least one book I enjoyed and I can't begin to remember the title, the subject, the author. I do recall I made an attempt at a Laurel Hamilton, Swallowing Darkness, but it was book 8 and I hadn't read 1-7. (That's the reason I'll give for not lasting for more than a couple of chapters because we all know there are other reasons to give up, but someone like Beth could express it better).

Seriously this is sad--I can't remember what I've been reading. I'm turning on my Kindle. Looks like I'm currently reading an Ann Tyler, Noah's Compass. That's good, but I'd forgotten that too.

Gawd, what with my 2 older boys going to college and the hurricane tropical storm...I can't remember what I was going to write.

Two hurricanes moved out of my house and one less impressive tropical storm moved in for a day.
Uh oh, now I've gotten started again. Hang on a sec while I wail and gnash my teeth and rend my clothing.

I miss my boys. I still have one around, but the overwhelming teenaged boy atmosphere is dissipated, a small front instead of an overwhelming storm of boy-ness. They left and took all their friends and hangers-on with them. Who am I going to bake for? Who's going to walk into the house without knocking and head to the kitchen to check the fridge, now that Doub and Ryan are gone? Sob.

Okay, okay, Kleenex, cold water on the face. Okay. /end snivel

I spent most of my week playing with my own book and the internet. I'm glad I did it, but (especially now that the PR slog has started) I am reminded that PUBLISHERS EARN THEIR MONEY.

 Left to myself this is how I'd do PR:

sales pressure: Have you bought my book yet? Why not? It's only 99 cents. Jeez, are you so cheap you can't spend 99 cents? That's less than a cup of small coffee ANYWHERE.

the good will part: And I promise to spend a portion of my sales on someone else's book.

Notice there's no actual sales part in there? As in I don't bother to point out why this book is worth 99 cents and/or your time? I've done that already and it's just a PITA. Easier to nag than beg or brag.


  1. I bought a copy. But I haven't read it yet because I've been in a kind of cranky mood and don't want to take my mood out on your book.

  2. Thanks.
    I wonder what books are good for de-cranking a person?

    I always turn to Wodehouse and maybe reread a Kinsale or layton. Something I know rather than something new.

    You might reread that Choi book, Hello Kitty Must Die. She's cranky and strange enough to make you feel about right.

  3. Hmm, that might be just the thing.


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