So what if sales for my stand-alone stuff are crappy? (I'm not supposed to mention that because it turns out that success, or the illusion of it, breeds more success, but whew, those numbers are stinking up the place) BUT WHO CARES? This is the important part: HEIDI FREAKING CULLINAN likes my books. Or maybe she means she likes the Bonnie Dee / Summer Devon books. That's fine with me--I really did co-write those things.

HEIDI FREAKING CULLINAN is fast turning into one of those authors for me and it just makes me want to tap dance with joy to think she knows who I am. I think the last time I felt like this was when Valerie Parv said she liked my book. I could dine out on this feeling for a few months and not even notice the fact that I sold fewer than 20 books. The approval of peers you respect is a heady pleasure. No wonder I see congratulatory notes back and forth on twitter. Public displays of affection via Mutual Admiration Societies might be annoying** to outsiders but it's pure champagne to anyone lucky enough to encounter it.

BTW, I'm most of the way through Heidi Cullinan's latest and loving it.

UPDATE: I'm just adding the fact that Marie Treanor likes my books too. And then, when I get all Iiiiieeeeee caaaaan't wriiiiiiite, I'm going to come back and read this a few times. Okay. Off to bookmark this blogpost under the "shut up and bichok, bitch" label.

**nauseating, actually. BTHTB (been there, held the bucket) Envy? Eh, probably. I'm only now realizing that...what a mean-minded beastie.


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